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Our Hearing Tests:

Clinical Excellence at its Best

For the best hearing test in Reading, visit Livingstons Hearing and Vision Care.

We offer comprehensive hearing exams using the latest audiological equipment. Your hearing is as unique as you are. We take enough time to understand your lifestyle and hearing needs.

As an independent, family-run clinic, we provide expert, impartial advice without ties to manufacturers or third parties.

All assessments are conducted by our Director, Mr. Livingston Sengolraj, a Hearing Aid Audiologist with 8 years of experience.

Our Hearing Tests Options

Auditory Training


Premium Full Hearing test

Price: £100 (free for over 55s)

Duration: 90 minutes

A full hearing test, including a speech assessment, evaluates your hearing using advanced audiological equipment. It includes various tests to determine the type and degree of hearing loss and assess speech understanding, ensuring personalized recommendations for improving your hearing health.

  • Hearing history questionnaire

  • Ear health check (Video Otoscopy)

  • Tympanometry

  • Pure tone Audiometry

  • Speech in quiet and Speech in noise assessment

  • Hearing aid demo

  • Management plan including referral (if needed)

  • Hearing solutions quote



Hearing Health Screening*

Price: £30

Duration: 30 minutes

This service is perfect for anyone experiencing ear problems or noticing a decline in their hearing without knowing the cause.

  • Hearing history questionnaire

  • Video Otoscopy

  • Tympanometry

  • Audiometry (Screening only)

*This is not a full test. This is only to find out if you need a full test

Signature hearing test


Hearing aid reprogramming

Price: £350

Duration: 90 minutes

This includes full premium hearing test. This is ideal for anyone who is dissatisfied with the service and/or performance of hearing aids purchased from another provider.

  • Hearing history questionnaire

  • Ear health check (Video Otoscopy)

  • Tympanometry

  • Pure tone Audiometry

  • Speech in quiet and Speech in noise assessment

  • Hearing aid reprogramming with full report

  • 2 follow up visits

What people say


Mr Brennan, Berkshire

Livingston was my audiologist for 4 years, after being diagnosed with hearing loss.
Throughout, and again now, Livingston has been extremely helpful and professional, recommending the perfect aids for my requirements and assisting with follow-up maintenance and tuning.
I have complete trust in the service and advice provided, and would recommend without hesitation.

Mr Gooch, Berkshire

I've always found Livingston to be very professional and he fully explains everything to you. Hearing services are very competitive in this area and certainly for wax removal they're the best priced.
I have no hesitation in recommending Livingstons Hearing and Vision

Mrs Howes, Berkshire

I was really pleased with Livingston Sengolraj -- he was highly recommended by a friend, and was very professional. Not only was he very through in the testing he did, he was also very good at explaining what he was doing. When he fitted my hearing aids, once again he was both helpful and good at explaining things. I am delighted with the hearing aids and am looking forward to working with Livingston over the next few years.

Do I need a hearing test?

Yes, you do need a test if you answer yes to two or more questions below.

  • Do you feel like people are mumbling?

  • Are you asking your family to repeat what they said?

  • Are you missing phone calls, doorbells, or alarms?

  • Are you struggling to follow conversations in groups?

  • Are people telling you that your television is too loud?

  • Assessment
    Before the procedure, we will usually examine your ears using a video otoscope or microscope to assess the extent and location of the earwax buildup. This examination helps determine if microsuction is the appropriate method for removal.
  • Medical History & consent Form
    You will be asked a range of medical questions to identify if there are any contraindications for the procedure. You will then be asked to sign a consent form.
  • Preparation
    To ensure your comfort and safety during the procedure, you may be asked to sit or lie down, and a protective drape may be placed around your ear to catch any dislodged earwax.
  • Post-Procedure
    After the earwax has been successfully removed, we will usually inspect the ear canal again to ensure all the wax has been cleared. You may immediately notice an improvement in your hearing if the earwax was causing hearing loss
  • Hearing Screening Advise
    After the successful wax removal procedure or if there is no wax you may be offered a hearing screening test to identify if there is any hearing loss. You may be offered our detailed premium hearing test on another day depending on the screening test results.


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