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Ear Wax Removal Service

If you're experiencing symptoms like blocked, itchy, and uncomfortable ears, or if your hearing is compromised, it could be due to an accumulation of earwax that requires professional attention.


At Livingstons, we offer a safe and effective earwax removal service performed by our fully qualified Audiologist. 

We use a state-of-the-art microsuction system to gently and comfortably eliminate earwax from your ears. Depending on the nature of your earwax issue, we use microsuction or occasionally some manual instruments when it's safe and appropriate to do so.

As part of our comprehensive service, we will also conduct a complimentary hearing screening assessment of your hearing and ear health. If any hearing loss is detected, we can guide you with further steps.


£55 for one ear

£65 for both ears

No wax: £35 for consultation and further advise

Micro-Suction ear wax removal


Microsuction ear wax removal is a safe and effective procedure used by qualified healthcare professionals, to remove excess or impacted earwax (cerumen) from the ear canal. It involves the use of a specialized medical device called a microsuction unit, which uses gentle suction to remove the earwax.

  • Assessment
    Before the procedure, we will usually examine your ears using a video otoscope or microscope to assess the extent and location of the earwax buildup. This examination helps determine if microsuction is the appropriate method for removal.
  • Medical History & consent Form
    You will be asked a range of medical questions to identify if there are any contraindications for the procedure. You will then be asked to sign a consent form.
  • Preparation
    To ensure your comfort and safety during the procedure, you may be asked to sit or lie down, and a protective drape may be placed around your ear to catch any dislodged earwax.
  • Post-Procedure
    After the earwax has been successfully removed, we will usually inspect the ear canal again to ensure all the wax has been cleared. You may immediately notice an improvement in your hearing if the earwax was causing hearing loss
  • Hearing Screening Advise
    After the successful wax removal procedure or if there is no wax you may be offered a hearing screening test to identify if there is any hearing loss. You may be offered our detailed premium hearing test on another day depending on the screening test results.

Why Choose Livingstons?

It is essential to have microsuction performed by a trained and experienced healthcare professional like Mr Livingston Sengolraj to ensure safe and effective removal of earwax. If you are experiencing earwax-related issues or hearing problems, book an appointment for evaluation and appropriate treatment, which may include microsuction if necessary.

Livingston is a certified practitioner skilled in microsuction earwax removal. He received his micro suction training at Aston University Birmingham in 2017 and has successfully performed over 2000 earwax removal procedures using microsuction, ensuring the safety and well-being of his patients' ears.

​While earwax plays a vital role in protecting the ear, in some cases, it can build up and cause blockages or discomfort. Excessive earwax can be removed by a healthcare professional like us using specialized tools or irrigation methods. It's essential to avoid inserting objects like cotton swabs or sharp instruments into the ear canal, as this can push earwax deeper and potentially damage the ear or eardrum. If you experience symptoms like hearing loss, ear pain, or a feeling of fullness in the ear, it's best to consult Livingston for proper evaluation and treatment.

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